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Tallulah Tease, also known as Tallulah Thorn

Tallulah Tease must be one of the UK’s most inked models and she is certainly one of the dirtiest. She was Pete’s guest for an afternoon at Exodus UK in Birmingham, England, giving The Intruder his opportunity to play with her face, her enhanced DD tits, her cunt and her asshole. Tallulah has her own website, www.tallulahtease.com.

Cunt insertions and caning

The Intruder French kisses Tallulah then spits in face, unwraps her enhanced DD tits, then strips her completely to push four fingers into her cunt followed by an enormous black dildo, then canes her ass and feet.

Clipping Tallulah

The Intruder puts clips on Tallulah’s face, her nipples, and her torso and uses them to spread her cunt lips wide so he can push a chocolate bar inside and force Tallulah to eat it, followed by a carrot from which Tallulah sucks the cunt juices.

Tallulah’s asshole

The Intruder pulls Tallulah’s legs right back to expose her asshole, spreads her asshole with his speculum then proceeds with insertions, including a douche.

See Tallulah pissing

See Tallulah bashing her gash

All tied4abuse shoots involve role-play. Nothing takes place without the full consent of the actors.

The scenes depicted should not be acted out except between freely consenting adults. Anyone restrained in bondage should never be left unsupervised.

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